USA Rice Day 2022

October the 13th 2022 saw 97 participants attend the USA Rice Day held at the U.S. Embassy in London. 2022 marks 20 years that USA Rice has been actively marketing all of its rice varieties in the UK, and then as now, the UK remains an important market for USA Rice. Over the past 20 years we have seen many developments in the UK rice market, and our challenge throughout this time has been both to address and anticipate customer needs and trends to ensure that USA remains an important origin of choice for rice in the UK, now and long into the future.

During the day, presentations were made highlighting the availability of high-quality U.S. origin rice and its different varieties. During the event participants were able to share information and ideas, listen to inspiring demonstrations about U.S. rice varieties available in the UK and how to increase USA rice usage in a wide variety of products.

USA Rice Day Logo

Key speakers on the day included


Matthew Palmer, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy

Cynthia Guven, Agricultural Counselor, US Embassy

Betsy Ward, President and CEO, USA Rice

Eszter Somogyi, Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, USA Rice

Peter Meadows, Founder, The Garden Marketing and PR

Elizabeth Carranza, Director of Trade & Technical Affairs, California Wild Rice Advisory Board

Beth Nelson, President, Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council

Nathan Ward, Business Unit Director, Kantar

Peter Sidwell, Chef

Mark Holt, Chairman Europe, Middle East and Africa Promotion and Trade Policy Subcommittees, USA Rice

Photo of USA Rice in a bowl


Cover image of the USA Rice Federation Presentation

USA Rice Federation Presentation
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Cover image of the Kantar Presentation

Kantar Presentation
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Cover image of the USA Wild Rice Presentation

USA Wild Rice Presentation
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Our rice varieties – by Peter Sidwell, writer and TV Chef

We would like to thank everyone that attended for their support in helping establish USA rice as a key player in the UK since 2002 and look forward to a positive future.